January 2013 workout playlist

Here is my current workout playlist. It is a bit of a mix of different styles, mostly hipster kind of  indie/rock and electro of various genres. It is about an hour’s worth.

Also, I finally bought an indoor rowing machine and now I am in the online rankings (currently equal 68th in weight/age group for my first 2km of the year). I am aiming to do a 6:30 2km for 2013.

Name Artist Album
Don’t Save Me Haim Don’t Save Me EP
Broken Leg Bluejuice Head Of The Hawk
End of Days Born Gold Bodysongs
Running Romeo Gypsy & The Cat Gilgamesh
Sweet N Sour MVSCLES Sweet N Sour single
The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Chromeo Remix) Vampire Weekend The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance
Can’t Keep Up Bluejuice Company
Material Things Jake Troth
Breakaway Gypsy & The Cat Gilgamesh
Monster Magic Man
Soul Night damian
Do You Will? Bluejuice Company
Lawn Knives Born Gold Bodysongs
Run Vampire Weekend Contra
Decimate Everything Born Gold Bodysongs
Corvette Cassette Slow Magic Triangle
All of Me Tanlines Mixed Emotions
The Mother We Share CHVRCHES The Mother We Share