Ethics of Sharing, Adulthood and Online Culture

I have recently written about sharing (halfway down the post) in the context of new experiences producing new configurations of intimacy and estrangement. Cathie McGinn has an interesting and, for me at least, provocative post on her blog about the tension between the public/private distinction and the socio-technical convenience of sharing online. She argues that … Continue reading “Ethics of Sharing, Adulthood and Online Culture”

A brief working definition of the Virtual

The ‘virtual’ in the philosophical sense is not restricted to Virtual Reality. Think of the boiling point of water. Humans have measured the boiling point and have figured out that it is 100C. The boiling point is real; you can actually witness water boiling, but on the other hand, depending on the energy introduced into … Continue reading “A brief working definition of the Virtual”

Fight Club and the Pragmatics of Ikea

As my Facebook updates have indicated, I have been romanticaly involved with a flat-packed furniture chain store by the name of Ikea. (Ikea is such a pretty name, children?) I just wanted a ‘guy’ relationship, an easy erection, a couple of quick screws, and somewhere to lay down every now and then. But Ikea wanted … Continue reading “Fight Club and the Pragmatics of Ikea”

produce openings on the world

In his famous symptomology of post-war US culture David Riesman developed three ‘character’ types: tradition-directed, inner-directed, and other-directed. Riesman’s three character types are interesting because of their processual nature; they are not innate traits, but capacities of subjectivity evident only through interaction. He moves away from (or, more correctly, anticipates the move towards) symbolic interactionist-type … Continue reading “produce openings on the world”