Street Machine 25th Anniversary Issue

Street Machine magazine has its 25th Anniversary issue on the stands. It has a six page history article. Finally I have an official historical account of the 30 year period of which I am writing about in my dissertation. There has been absolutely no history of ‘contemporary’ modified-car culture in Australia until now. I have […]

Windschuttle on Foucault

[I apologise in the beginning for the elaborate quotations in this post, hopefully you will appreciate why such context-building quotations of quotations are necessary.] Keith Windschuttle’s essay on Foucault was published nearly a decade ago. I have written about it before (I think? I can’t remember exactly). Anyway, now I need to engage with it […]

Street and Drag Split, Paradise Found

From the November 1973 issue of the Australian Hot Rodding Review (AHRR), page 4, Rodjots column: ONE of the biggest changes in the history of Australian rodding occurred at the recent annual general meeting of the AHRF in Sydney. The street rodding and drag racing factions split completely and went their separate ways. The drag […]

Magazines Part 1

I have gone through about 1/6th of the magazines I have and entered the details (cover copy, cover image, issue publication details, notes on individual issues) into a spreadsheet. I have just finished oredering the rest into publication dates. One interesting problem is that Street Machine, the most popular of the magazines, continually evolved throughout […]