affective legitimation

Reason is always a region cut out of the irrational — not sheltered from the irrational at all, but a region traveresed by the irrational and defined only by a certain type of relation between irrational factors. Underneath all reason lies delirium, drift. Deleuze Something I am beginning to understand about the paranoic subjectivity is […]


So I get home this morning and I can’t get into my flat. The deadbolt unlocks but the door handle lock won’t budge. Three hours later the locksmith arrives. Opens door to find the safety key chain in place. Out of all my stuff only my bike and spare car key were taken. Nothing else […]

Howard’s New Tampa – Aboriginal Children Overboard

From Clif’s blog and I think it was on one of my email lists, too Below is the text of an article by Jennifer Martiniello who is a writer and academic of Arrernte, Chinese and Anglo descent. She is a former Deputy Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Arts Board of the Australia […]