Forget OOO 2: The Nadir of OOO

Review of OOO as a movement by Nathan Brown, from Tool-Being to Realist Magic: In order to stake its claim to originality and supremacy, “OOO” has to fulminate against what it sees as a threatening field materialists, purveyors of “scientism,” process philosophers, Deleuzians, and systems theorists. […] Yet many readers, perhaps trying to find an […]

Back online

I have resurrected my blog. It had been infected with spam and an injection style attack. To fix it I logged into my hosting service’s control panel and reinstalled/updated WordPress. It worked and now I am back. I’m aiming to do a little bit of writing everyday and combined with my daily exercise regime I […]

What is useful in After Finitude?

Levi has a new post up about temporality and objects. He writes this: However, while I am deeply sympathetic to the processualists and consider myself a process ontologist– which I don’t take as being synonymous with being a Whiteheadian –this argument only follows if substances are three-dimensional as articulated above. If, in addition to spatial […]

On being a fugitive from love

Ressentiment is a reassignment of the pain that accompanies a sense of one’s own inferiority/failure onto an external scapegoat. The ego creates the illusion of an enemy, a cause that can be “blamed” for one’s own inferiority/failure. Thus, one was thwarted not by a failure in oneself, but rather by an external “evil.” There are […]