Earth Engines

Robin Mackay, a.k.a. undercurrent of Dread, Walking, has published another photograph series online. I like his stuff. Check it out. Industrial archaeography, volume II : Earth Engines The above photo. It is apparent that the smoko/morning tea practice of peeling off the stickers that come on fruit and sticking them on your helmet is a […]

On Blogging: Blogstalk away… eeek!

Yep, so finally got my Blogtalk paper away to the conference organisers today. I am pretty nervous as this is so not my scholarly field of research. Oh well! I probably should have discussed the concept of the event and the ‘time of the event’ a bit better, too. Yep… Let’s see what happens. At […]

News on Empire

I have been participating in a debate over on Larvatus Prodeo. Mark’s original post was on a conflict between a right wing blogger and a journalist. Another right wing blogger made this statement: Antony, a jouirnalist’s job is not “to challenge authority” or “to reform society” — it’s to inform the public Which got me […]