Mehdi Belhaj Kacem interview

undercurrent has translated and posted this interview Mehdi Belhaj Kacem. It is some awesome work by undercurrent and the interview is an interesting insight into a slice of contemporary French intellectual culture and the impact that Alain Badiou has had on French philosophy. It seems that Kacem is, to put it nicely, an interesting character. […]

Blog Friends

Robin over at Dread, Walking has posted a further revised version of the translation of Badiou’s Numbers that he is doing. Well worth checking out and Robin should be applauded for his efforts!!! I still haven’t figured out Badiou’s use of set theory yet, and I used to be ok at maths! I have a […]

Choice, Difference, Singularity

(in reply to sdv’s post in the comments here.) Steve, My use of ‘choice’ was rather banal, and quite possibly ‘wrong'(!!), and comes from the Laerke paper: “The axiomatic choice of the more geometrico for Badiou is a site for an event popping out of emptiness, an ‘absolute beginning’ on the order of emptiness.” 91-92 […]