Christian measures participatory instances of web. Generates algorithm for productive labor & surplus value

Here is the original image on Flickr of a presentation by Christian Fuchs at The Internet as Playground and Factory conference. I wonder where Christian is on McKenzie Wark‘s diagram of what Jodi Dean called his Grand Unified Theory. Wark’s diagram represents social classes/subjectivities not in relation to the means of production, but in relation […]


What happens, or what does not happen, should be what concerns us: philosophers sometimes pride themselves on their ignorance of world affairs, again like watered-down Heideggarians, no matter how hostile they think they are to him, pretending that all that history and politics stuff is so, like, ontic, we’re working on something much more important […]


This is interesting and a little upsetting. I have just become aware that Gavin Atkins of The ShadowLands blog on the Asian Correspondent news service site posted a blog post containing what, in my relatively educated, but non-‘legal expert’ opinion, is a defamatory imputation that damages the reputation of myself and, what is the most […]

She left the bit with the most toast crumbs

The title of this post from a poem I am working on. For me it expresses the way we form relations with the world around us both in terms of intimacy and estrangement. What follows is an improvised meditation on the way I am trying to grapple with a feeling of loneliness and relations of […]