consumer-eco battle

Tensions have been building for some time about high polluting cars, the effect that this has on urban environments and the governmental stakeholders who are responsible for those urban environments, but this is the first real open conflict I have come across. Porsche Great Britain is protesting the Mayor of London from raising the congestion […]

don’t drive angry?

via slashdot: “Nissan has mounted a robot passenger in the dashboard of its Pivo2 concept car whose job is to keep the driver happy, give spot-on directions, and even check your e-mail. ‘We have data that happy drivers’ accident rates are drastically lower than depressed ones, so this robot stays there to make sure the […]

Andre Gorz

Just discovered through i cite that Andre Gorz is dead. His book Ecology as Politics influenced my thinking about automobility. In it Gorz presents a simple analogy of the system of automobility and cars as like the coastline and luxury villas. Not everyone demands a villa because they know it is a luxury, but everyone […]

US Automakers

Great interview at Dollars & Sense with economist Sue Helper about the state of labour in the US auto industry. On the question of hybrids: I think it’s important not just to blame auto companies but to think about public policy that has made it artificially cheap in this country to drive huge cars and […]