Manage Your Debt

On one side of my local shopping centre (‘mall’) there are spruikers for charities trying to get me to consume some anti-guilt. Opposite the exit of an upwards esculator to the same level is this little machine where you can exchange your immortal soul for the good old bourgeois dream. If you have forgotten, death to the home. Actually, there is an Oxfarm on the level below and I think I might buy some ‘no sweat‘ sneakers next time I have some money.

What if Michael Leunig was gen-X? #4: “Are you interested?”

A couple of weeks ago someone demanded that I tell them two interesting things about myself. I was like, “Only two?” Being a good kisser was obviously not enough. I assasinated the question with reference to my recent art exhibition catalogue essay and the fact that I once won a Harley Davidson as part of a mine site employee incentive program. (Disjunction as meta-level interesting.) Oh, bourgies…

So the diss cracked 100k words on Sunday. I have got it back to 94k already with integrating the ‘scene’ chapter I have just finished. This chapter will either make or break my diss as the argument is pretty much all or nothing. That or I forget all the crazy theory shit and write some boring history thing… not interested!

What if Michael Leunig was gen-X? #3

To celebrate Britney running for president in 2012 I have set up a cafepress shop called WORLD DOMINATION.

There are currently two t-shirt designs available.

The barely ironic celebration that is the Britney for President 2012 campaign t-shirt.

And for when you are out on the town looking for some Chewbacca figurines or maybe even some hot action (but not from Chewbacca figurines): Anyway You Want It

Who knows how the sizes work? I have ordered a couple to see how they go.