Neoliberals who love capitalism festival

Wow, this event is shaping up to be… ummm… totally awesome for the Sydney cultural landscape. The Dangerous Ideas festival co-presented by a business ethics centre (that also offers an ethics counselling service!!) and the Sydney Opera House. Blogification. There. Done. Threw it out there. This is the blogification of intellectualism. The first day doesn’t […]

Fertile Ground

Terry Flew has posted on Marcus Westbury‘s discussion in The Age about the perceived conflict between “arts for art’s sake” and “creative industries”. Mark Bahnisch weighs in and suggests that Marcus has not “succeeded in overcoming the dichotomy [between creative industries and traditional arts] here.” I am not sure if the point is to overcome […]

Fight Club and the Pragmatics of Ikea

As my Facebook updates have indicated, I have been romanticaly involved with a flat-packed furniture chain store by the name of Ikea. (Ikea is such a pretty name, children?) I just wanted a ‘guy’ relationship, an easy erection, a couple of quick screws, and somewhere to lay down every now and then. But Ikea wanted […]

loyalty cards and loyalty programs: part 1

Partially in response to Steve Shario’s post on biopolitics here is an old post that I was a long way off finishing and have decided to post in parts as I have time. I addded the last paragraph to inidicate where the other three parts are headed. They are some rough drafts of ideas I […]