For Fun

Here is my reply to a post on the Age’s Screen Play blog (by Jason Hill). I thought they needed some poststructuralist critique to liven things up. —- —- —- “FOR FUN” Interesting point, craig. The only problem is that the buying public are not neo-Kantians who believe in a universal ‘fun’. If we look […]

Power of Simulacra

Digitalisation has had a profound impact here too; text and image are no longer ontologically separated but have become expressions of similar codes. The hyperreality of digital codes is that there is no possibility of ascertaining authenticity – editing of images and texts is an ongoing process. Joost van Loon over @ Space and Culture […]

Hot Coffee and Immaterial Labour

Although it is probably bigger news in the conservative heartland of the US, apparently there is a mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows for pornographic content (and you thought the title of this blog post indicated it was going to be another rant about postgrad life!?!). The hoopla has also spilt onto […]