Shame and New Orleans

Human rights are axioms. They can coexist on the market with many other axioms, notably those concerning the security of property, which are unaware of or suspend them even more they contradict them: “the impure mixture of the impure side by side,” said Nietzsche. Who but the police and armed forces that coexist with democracies […]


It is difficult enough to figure out when people are being serious or not in everyday face-to-face conversation, let alone online or in other ‘nu-tech’ scriptual economies, such as mobile phone texting… The emoticon emerged as a direct result of the lack of easily expressible affect in online exchanges. The genealogy of the emoticon probably […]

Can the Majoritarian Shut Up and Listen?

The shame of being a man — is there any other better reason to write? Even when it is a woman who is becoming, she has to become-woman, and this becoming has nothing to do with a state she could claim as her own. To become is not to attain a form (identification, imitation, Mimesis) […]