Enthusiasm: The Existential Territory of the Challenge

For the development of “ploys” depends upon finding some method for distinguishing among practices to find those that are politically useful: how is it possible to separate out practices that “the system of products effects within the consumer grid” from those that are “art” or maneuvers by consumers in the room left to them by […]

Christian measures participatory instances of web. Generates algorithm for productive labor & surplus value

Here is the original image on Flickr of a presentation by Christian Fuchs at The Internet as Playground and Factory conference. I wonder where Christian is on McKenzie Wark‘s diagram of what Jodi Dean called his Grand Unified Theory. Wark’s diagram represents social classes/subjectivities not in relation to the means of production, but in relation […]

Scale, Events and Object-Oriented Philosophy

I am very fluey writing this, and have easily gone through a third of a big box of tissues blowing my nose. I’ve taken a day off work and with not much else to do I thought I’d catch up on my blogging. A couple of years ago I flagged the problem of scale when […]

smile police

Via slashdot: More than 500 workers at Japan’s, Keihin Electric Express Railway, must have their faces scanned each morning to determine their optimum smile. The “smile scan” analyzes a smile based on facial characteristics, from lip curves and eye movements to wrinkles. After the program scans you, it produces a smile rating that ranges from […]