loyalty cards and loyalty programs: part 1

Partially in response to Steve Shario’s post on biopolitics here is an old post that I was a long way off finishing and have decided to post in parts as I have time. I addded the last paragraph to inidicate where the other three parts are headed. They are some rough drafts of ideas I […]

production of possibilities

I am writing the next lecture for the unit Consumer Culture to be delivered on Thursday and I have been thinking about Lazzarato’s event-based conception of consumption and the relation between consumers and worlds. I found these great store displays while doing the weekly shop yesterday that’ll hopefully allow me to discuss the aesthetics of […]

Strip Mining the Dukes of Hazzard

The plot of the recent Dukes of Hazzard remake is relatively straight-forward. Boss Hogg wants to create a strip mine in Hazzard County. To do so he needs permission from the Hazzard Country court and to get permission he needs to ensure that there are no objections from citizens. So he organises the spectacle of […]