Critical News Literacy and Young People

There is a study released today about news consumption habits by young people 8-12 and 13-16 years old:¬†¬†News and Australian Children: How Young People Access, Perceive and are Affected by the News. The first point made in the key findings of the report is about how young people receive news from family and friends, including […]

Fairfax Media and Newspaper Next

My colleague Jason Wilson has attacked the Finkelstein Independent Media Inquiry report in the context of the Fairfax restructure announced today. Jason writes: The Independent Media Inquiry bent over backwards to demonstrate the peristence of media power in order to build a case for regulating it further. But the real story is that traditional media […]

What is competence? Media Inquiry Report

Various libertarian types have fired up their organs of liberty and laboured forth on the Finkelstein Media Inquiry report. Rather than ‘free speech’, I see ‘public competence’ as a much bigger problem at the current historical juncture than any threat to free speech. Does the public have a problem expressing or accessing the views, opinions […]

News Media Council as Streisand Effect

This post is based on a comment I left in reponse to a post on Prof Mark Pearson’s blog where Pearson outlines his reservations regarding the suggested News Media Council as a recommendation of the Finkelstein Independent Media Inquiry report and my colleague at the University of Canberra, Jason Wilson, agrees with Pearson’s points. I’ll […]

Protection for online media enterprises producing news?

I should be doing an article review for a colleague but want to respond quickly to Nic Christensen of The Australian who has also focused on the concept of having a traffic threshold for a site to be possibly regulated by the porposed News Media Regulator. Nic and I have had a brief exchnage on […]