Our Future

“Control is not discipline. You do not confine people with a highway. But by making highways, you multiply the means of control. I am not saying this is the only aim of highways, but people can travel infinitely and ‘freely’ without being confined while being perfectly controlled. That is our future.” — Gilles Deleuze, Two […]

Biochemical Refineries

News from the Green Car Congress: Researchers from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico have genetically engineered the bacterium Bacillus subtilisto ferment glucose sugar directly to ethanol with a high (86%) yield. This is the first step in their quest to develop bacteria that can breakdown and ferment cellulose biomass directly to ethanol.  This is […]

Queues, Traffic, Affect

Been thinking many thoughts about queues recently. They are damn confounding. Gillian Fuller (no relation) from UNSW gave a superb presentation of some research on airport queues at the Autouni event. She has an online paper here. Below is her definition of a queue: Queues are a distribution technology: they are a resource for sharing, […]