I had not mentioned it before cause I didn’t want to jinx anything but I have just received (via courier) an entire Street Machine Magazine and Supercar Magazine collection bought on eBay. I have nearly every single Street Machine Magazine of the 1980s and almost all the Supercar Magazines, too. Supercar was a competitor to […]

Enthusiasm, Affect

The Very Best of Street Machine, Volume 1, was published in 1986 and represents a point of inflection in contemporary modified-car culture in Australia. It covered the last (7th, 1986) Street Machine Nationals before the rise of Summernats in 1987. It is the tipping point for the transformation of an amatuer activity into something else. […]

Summernats 19

Just got back from Canberra and Summernats 19. A few very interesting things cropped up for my dissertation research. The main thing was the focus on Chic Henry and Summernats being only 19 years old. “Wait!” I hear you exclaim. “Didn’t Chic take over what was called the Street Machine Nationals in 1986-ish only to […]

Waste organised by exhibitionists, for the sake of sensation

In the first issue of Street Machine magazine (Aug/Sept 1981) they published some comments from a French reporter who covered the event of France’s first ever drag race. I quote from the Street Machine article: We were going to print the story in toto, but after re-reading it a few time we decided it should […]