Negri visit sparks paranoid rantings, yay!

Conservative columnists are a good barometer for when something happens that may disrupt the status quo. They slip their collective propaganda machine into ‘paranoid rantings’ top gear when the words ‘revolutionary’ or ‘Marxist’ are mentioned, let alone ‘terrorist’. It is good to see the return of the same in one of Miranda Devine’s recent columns. […]

Team America, ‘fuck yeah’ or ‘get fucked’?

US Narcissism: ‘Pimp the World‘ The real puppets in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s latest effort are the right and left of politics. The flick is a comical polemic (or polemical comedy??) that allegedly sticks the boot in to the patriotic neo-cons and F.A.G liberals. Instead it sticks the boot into politics as an institution. […]