A sample of some of my publications.

Academic (peer reviewed)

Stevens, J., & Fuller, G. (2017) “Journalistic challenges of the public and private: Exploring professional and ethical normsAustralian Journalism Review. 39 (1), 109-127.

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Other Publications

Fuller, Glen. and Matthew Ricketson. (2015) “The Feed” (research report essay) Digital News Report: Australian Edition, News and Media Research Centre.

Fuller, Glen. and Nardi, Andrew. (2014) “What we will lose when state 7.30 reports are cut.” Crikey. 21 November:

Fuller, Glen. (2014) “On folk devils and the Oz‘s circle of confected outrage.” Crikey. 13 October:

Fuller, Glen. (2014) “‘Cyber-safety’: what are we actually talking about?” The Conversation. February 27.

Fuller, Glen (2012) “For whom the Whirlpool trolls? Stephen Conroy and the NBN” The Conversation, 22 August

Fuller, Glen (2012) “Forget Kevin 07 – Rudd won’t close Labor’s enthusiasm gap in 12 or 13 The Conversation, 27 February 

Fuller, Glen (2006) “Road Test“, in McRae, V (ed.) Supercharged: The Car in Contemporary Culture, Institute of Modern Art: Brisbane.


Fuller, Glen (2013) “Representing Affects and Non-Representational Media TheoryCultural Studies Review 19(1): 322-29.

Fuller, Glen (2006) “Culture + Technology: A Primer” Resource Centre for Cyberculture Studies

Fuller, Glen (2005) “Doom, or the Genetics of Good and Evil?” M/C Reviews