Leaving Sweden…

The thought of going through US customs terrifies me. A quick calculation comes up with the rough figure of one polemic per week posted somewhere on the Net denouncing the current Refrain of the Right-eous… Am I going to get totally reamed in customs? Has my name appeared on some terror squad hitlist? And I don’t mean the wannabe hard-core rappers either.

It would be totally cool to be able to do a (formally known as) Cat Stevens (I can’t type his current name as this keyboard was made in the US and they have removed the keys that enable you to type Islamic names). Like, I would have to change my PhD topic over night, and imagine the stories I could tell at the next Cultural Studies conference!?!?! But would Australia even let me back in? Surely if Big Brother doesn’t want me to visit, then the US-Simulacra Number 2 (formally known as Australia) certainly won’t want me back. Where am I going to buy my prepackaged, preseasoned roo meat from? I might have to come back to Sweden, at least here they were spun out by my Getaway in Stockholm presentation and Stockholm is known as the street racing capital of the world (oh, sidenote, the big secret from a while ago was that I had organised and have now carried out an interview with one of the producers and makers of the Getaway in Stockholm series of films!).

Hopefully the next time I post, I am typing from a keyboard in Sam’s place.

Very excited!