I love papers that demand a 20 minute spell check…

Approximately 16, 770 words and 48 pages later the Getaway in Stockholm interview with Mr A is finally transcribed.

Link to their website.

Mr A was an awesome interview participant. Very useful for my thesis, maybe not in terms of actual content, but certainly for ideas on questions for others. The interview may be useful for a paper on the comparative street racing scenes in Australia and Sweden. Perhaps a simple paper that explores the various legal, political and social forces that shape the space of the street race as much as the actual cars and street racers do.

I met Tom O’Dell in Sweden and mentioned something about a paper to him. So I will send off the transcript and see what he says. Here is his uni home page. He wrote part of his PhD thesis on the Swedish raggare (greasers) – car dudes who participated in a subculture based around American cars. As O’Dell writes in one of his essays, the aesthetic of American cars during the ‘streamlining’ era offended Swedish conceptions of modernity. In other words, the raggare were a Swedish-style, spectacular subculture.

Some or most of the raw interview with Mr A will appear in the next issue of the Australasian Autosalon Magazine.