First Reference

Discovered the first reference to my work today. Not academic work, but my work nevertheless:

However despite all the bad press it has received it has received some good
from car lovers of Australia and become renouned as a classic example of the Australian car / road movie. (As interest’s sake, another is Metal Skin (Wright (I) 1994)). Street Machine (Fuller 2003) magazine went as far as to rank the film as second on their list of top 100 car films. The film was second only to Mad Max (Millar (II) 1979) but ranked higher than the original Gone in 60 Seconds (Halicki 1974) which took out third place.

Haha! Awesome!

My name is spelt with two n’s. Bloody hell! That is not the fault of the person who wrote the entry for the classic car flick Running on Empty in the Murdoch Reading Room database, but Street Machine, who spelt my name with two n’s until the last two or three articles I wrote for them. I am actually going in to their main office tomorrow to go through their archives for my panel van paper.