silly buggers…

Just saw footage of this on the news. It looks like a Datto 1600 was doing something and crashed into a car which was pushed into a crowd of people. The datto had different mags back and front. Maybe they were ‘burnout’ tyres on the back or they could’ve even been drifting, but it is unlikely the car was street racing. A datto 1600 with an engine swap to an SR20DET from a Silvia or 200sx would’ve been going bloody fast if racing. The damage seems to be too little to be a race.

Edit: Listen to the Triple J Hack interview with an eye witness. The interviewee suggests the dude was racing, plus that he was very young and inexperienced.

10 in hospital after ‘drag race’
February 07, 2005
From: AAP
TEN people were treated in hospital in Sydney overnight after a car ploughed into a crowd of onlookers at what was believed to be an illegal drag race.Two men were arrested after they allegedly attacked police trying to establish a crime scene at an industrial estate in Strathfield in Sydney’s west.
A Datsun sedan was travelling down Madeline Street just before midnight (AEDT) last night when it collided with a parked Nissan Pulsar, a New South Wales police spokesman said.
“This vehicle veered onto the incorrect side of the road and collided with a parked Nissan Pulsar,” he said on 2UE radio.
“At the time there were numerous spectators at the intersection and the force of impact forced the vehicle onto the spectators, with ten people receiving numerous injuries.”
The 10 people were taken to several metropolitan hospitals with injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to one suspected case of spinal injury, the spokesman said. [Worst injury was a broken leg]
He said it appeared the crowd of about 60 had gathered to watch an illegal drag race.
“We haven’t established it yet but it’s leaning towards … street racing,” he said.
Two men in the crowd were arrested after assaulting police officers who were trying to gather information about the crash.
One police officer was taken to hospital for treatment after he was punched in the face.
Police investigations are continuing.

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  1. can i just say that i was there that night very close to the driver an what you have on the silly buggers is far from the truth an its upsetting.Should get facts before you post false crap up in your forum

  2. what are the facts? what part of the post are you upset about, my speculations on what happened in the first part or the cut \’n\’ pasted news story in the second?

    If I remember correctly the fellow in the datto had just welded his diff that day and apparently didn\’t know how to control a car with a locked diff. correct or not?

    were they street racing? if you read my post again I had my suspiscions from the footage I saw. The damage did not seem to be big enough for it to be a street race:

    \’silly buggers\’ is a very mild description of a deliberate act that goes wrong leading to a car hitting another parked car which is then pushed into a crowd of spectators.

    if it was not \’silly buggers\’, then what is an appropriate description?

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