After Subcultures Might Be Some Subcultures

Below is a message I posted to the main subcultures list. Can any intrepid visitors to my blog help?

I just got my copy of After Subculture ed Bennett and Kahn-Harris and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some work (if it exists) that does not follow the regular music/style line about the BCCCS work. ie in their intro Bennett and Kahn-Harris write: “Representing as it did the first attempt to provide a systematic social theory of music and style-driven youth cultures, Resistance Through Rituals quickly became a key text both in youth research and in the teaching of youth culture as an academic subject.” (1) In Resistance Through Rituals there are many essays/extracts that are not primarily concerned with music and/or style. What I am after is help finding any work that members of the list may know that uses or engages with the general BCCCS framework (in a positive/affirmative or critical manner) but does so without the now normal focus on style or music subcultures. I am thinking along the lines of Jon Stratton’s piece in the Subcultures Reader or Bert Moorhouse’s very brief comments in his Driving Ambitions regarding Paul Willis’s work.