Angry man rams street racers

This (also here) would have to be one of the stupidest events I have ever heard of during my research.

Here is an account of someone who was actually there. Extract:

I seriously thought we were going to die, we were being pushed off this dirt road, zero visibility, zero control, towards a massive drop to a creek… somehow we were turned slightly and he smashed down the side of the car into the next car (which is a complete write off, the front end is up to the dash and yeah) everyone some how came out without injuries thank god but you wouldn’t believe the shit unless you were there…. im still pumped with adrenalin and the ABC was there filming the situation for the cops.
He said to me ‘have a good look cunt cuz I’ll remember your face’ and yeah, things are pretty fucked at the moment

It is some crazy shit.