Extreme Postgradding: A happy ending?

Would anyone be too surprised if I said I drove angry on the way to uni this morning after a catastrophic failure of my home computer? Whipping the XR6 through the gears, holding it back, surging it forward, playing with the rhythms of traffic and so on. It is not driving under the influence, but driving with ressentiment…

It is probably the most upset I have been for a long time (lucky I was only flying then, and not driving! lol!). There was really no way around the problem. I was very broke, no computer and a bloody thesis to write.

Several moments in my life I thought I must be one of the luckiest bastards alive. Like the time I won a Harley Davidson Sportster, or that other time when one-of-many girls said, “Yes, they would love to have a coffee…”

Anyway, today my luck has been of the economic kind. My payment for the work I did on a previous research project has come through. Today! Today of all days! The day the music died! Before I even got to sing! Was I thinking tonight at karaoke was going to be entirely shithouse? Yes. Yes, I was… but now I have cause for celebration!!! Celebration! Fuck yeah!!!

I am not sure if postgrad life is meant to be like this, or maybe it is? Christian has been having his own dramas, Sandy has nowhere to stay, and Clif is just trying to submit his damn PhD and be done with it. Extreme postgradding. Like any other extreme sport we should be wearing head gear. Everyone has their frustrations but it is amazing how these things work out in the end. I am still going to have borrow some funds from my long-suffering father to tie me over until I can sell the Monster Tach I have up for sale ($240 if any one wants it!?!?). At the moment my monster tach is reading in the redline I am that excited. I am yet to actually get the computer, but it looking good. Pretty damn good.

Look out karaoke!!!!! Hot dang!!!

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  1. Well, I blew up the PSU on my v fast got-a-loan-to-buy-it PC (don’t ask, did stupid stupid things involving incorrect voltage and fingers inside) and then got bought a brand new iBook I didn’t even ask for…which considering I have a case study on Apple “creative” software was pretty handy

    God loves Postgrads
    God wants me to get my PhD

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