Not good.

Today is a bad day.

A very very bad day.

My computer at home died and I may have killed it.

I have been having a recurring problem with it shutting down, so I figured out all the little Windows XP tricks for sussing out what the problem couldbe. I got a couple of blue screen error pages that told me either there wasa hardware/driver problem where something was setting up at infinite loop ofsome description and the other problem was a writing to the RAM which tellsme I have some bad RAM.

Anyway so this morning I decided to clean the bugger, all the fans andheatsinks had heaps of dust and shit on them. So I did.

This is not my actual computer, although it very well may be after I get a new one. Yep, I’ll fuckin burn it.

Now it doesn’t reboot. I am not sure what I have done. Because I don’t have real computer skills and I can’t afford to fix it I am going to be in at the CCR from now on.

Eventually I will have to buy another computer (minus DVDRW drive, Zip drive, peripherals which will all be taken over from this oldbusted one). My brother bought a pretty sick computer over Xmas for only $1500, so I will probably spend as little as possible to get something of similar quality tothe number I have now. Probably cost around $700-800.

Man this is fucked.

Doesn’t it know I have a fuckin thesis to write? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!