Time for a new ISP?

Homer: Welcome to the internet my friend, how may I help you?

Comic Book Store Guy: I’m interested in upgrading my 28.8 kilobyte internet connection to a 1.5 megabyte fiber optic T1 line, will you be able to provide an IP router that’s compatible with my token ring Ethernet LAN configuration?

Homer: [Staring stupidly at Comic Book Store Guy]

Homer: Can I have some money now?

Did anyone else realise that the Comic Book Store Guy from the Simpsons has a Masters degree in folklore mythology. OMG!!!!!11 he must have lost some weight and be that big dude from Mythbusters. They even speak the same precise language – ‘nerd’ American.

Anyway, Dodo is shitting me. They do not have PHP support and I want to shift my blog to WordPress. I used to have a personal page up and running on the Dodo servers, but that has been much neglected since I started blogging and I took it down today.

Comic Book Store Guy: Last night’s ‘Itchy and Scratchy Show’ was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured, I was on the internet within minutes, registering my disgust throughout the world.

Yeah, bloody Dodo. I am looking at getting a 1.5mbps broadband account with TPG. I want broadband and they support PHP. It will only cost me another $20 per month compared to what I pay at Dodo (roughly $30). Set up costs are pretty killer (about $140). So it will take a few paychecks worth of saving. Plus I will need to get permission from the rental dudes or at least check to see if I need permission, but that shouldn’t be a problem as I don’t physically do anything to the property.

I normally have my computer running all the time. This annoys the hell out of my mum who has to ring my mobile first when she calls me. Even if I exceed my bandwidth allocation of 20 gigs with TPG I get throttled down to 64kbps, which is actually better than what I am currently getting with Dodo (30kbps up to 46 kbps on a good day). And my mum can call me whenever she wants. Oh dear. Love ya, mum.

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  1. oh, sorry!

    i like the blue. yep. i am an aquarian.

    remember when Word had a blue font? back when it was like a separate program and not part of Office, it was like the windows 3.XX era. crazy. at least they had a white background, unlike me. which makes reading difficult. and maybe that is the point. there are far too many things in the world that are easy to read, or, should I say, that are read too easily.

    it is a good thing you registered your disgust though!! 😛

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