Yeah, the greatest issue of a car magazine EVER!

The issue of Autosalon Magazine in which my interview with Mr A was published was labelled “the greatest issue of a car magazine EVER!” by a dude on the Fast Fours Forum (Fast Fours is a competing car magazine!).

I just spent 1.5 hours out in the sun reading ASM – pretty good issue, some good articles. I dont agree with some of their points about that P Plater stuff, but that’s not something to discuss in this thread. The article on Getaway in Stockholm is awesome 🙂 They have a totally different writing style to Speed etc, it’s a lot more basic, but I don’t think that is a negative point.
Thanks for the recommendation – first issue of ASM I’ve bought.

Basic? I will send him a copy of my PhD thesis when it is finished… I think he must mean ‘less pretentious’?