Sydney Shootings – got fieldwork?

I don’t think I want to do anymore fieldwork. There were shootings at The Rocks and Stanmore Macca’s (which is actually just up the road from where I live) the other night. I have spent time doing fieldwork in both sites. They are trying figure out if the shootings are related. How random…

I know that Stanmore Macca’s is a stop off point for those cruising down George St to or from The Rocks. That is why I have been to both for fieldwork. But this doesn’t mean the shootings are necessarily related. The idiot news reporters still call The Rocks a hang out for street racers. Proof? None. The local government has introduced a curfew to stop car dudes from hanging out. Discussion on some car forums here and here. In fact:

Supt Rogerson rejected suggestions of a link between today’s shooting in The Rocks and street racing, a common problem in the area.

And he is an interesting comment on one of the car forums:


We bag the police alot in our car community but remember if this was a friend of yours that got shot its the police looking to stop these arse wipes driving around shooting people. The biggest enemy to us and the police in my opinion is the media. They spin more shit than an old women sewing dags and help neither the police solve the crime, the families mourn or the general community hear the truth of whats happening. 

I was glad to see the car picked up by police in connection to the shootings was a BMW and not some shitbox wannabe street-racer mobile. You have to watch out for those nasty BMW owners, they own the means of production and exploit you everyday.

I’m glad I was out getting boozed! Yay!