Back to the Gym

So back for “Gymage: Round II” in the life of Glen. I think my family and friends who knew me when I was 110kgs of fit muscleness would attest to the fact I have let things slide a bit. I have talked up exercise previously on my blog, but today I put my money where my muscles are and went to the gym. I was there for a solid 45 minute workout with 30 minutes of walking before and after (getting to gym via Newtown for money and then back again to get supplies for din-dins).

About half of the workout was cardio work and I burned roughly 200 calories according to the machines. This demonstrates how much things have slid! I used to burn over 600 calories in a 1.5 hour session, 5 days a week. Half would be cardio and then I would do weights. Each cardio session burnt the eqivalent calories consumed in a good meal. haha… So on the road to recovery at the moment, but which, at the moment, feels like the road to acheyness. It is a start and a pretty solid one at that.

Plus I had tuna sandwiches and tomato juice for dinner. Fuck, I am good. lol! hmmm. Public shaming is good motivation, so if I don’t blog about gym for a while, ask me what the hell is going on. Yep.

Oh, the only thing that sucks is that they do not have eliptical machines, which are my favourite. Oh well. It will have to do.