The Sydney Autouni webpage is up.

I have been attending meetings in preparation for an event on the 13 August:


Sandy and I have been talking about addressing the question of the “increasing precariousness of student life and academic/student creative labour.” (I posted an email to the CSAA email list after some information from postgrads. I got a massive response of over 40 replies of mostly collegial and supportive emails with a few nasty conservative ones for fun.)

What is Autouni?

“The notion is to try to translate/transport some similar projects that have been taking place in other cities/countries around the world, such as University of Openness (London), Nomad University (Italy), Tangential University (France).”

At first I thought it was to be like a training centre for militant thought, but then I realised it was something more subtle. It shall be entirely separate from the normal university arrangements.

Does this make for an autonomous intellectual space?

That is the plan, but everything is experiment.