Italian Effects Cultural Studies Review

Picked up my complimentary contributor’s copy of Cultural Studies Review from the office today. Just started reading it. Not sure when it’ll become available online.

Brett Neilson has a great article, “Provincialising the Italian Effect”. On radical Italian thought:

“Like their associates elsewhere, Italian thinkers understand the current era of globalisation as a phase in the history of capitalism. Where they introduce an important and, to my mind, productive difference is in the argument that the history of capital has always involved an attempt to control labour mobility.” (p. 17)

The labour of mobility is often forgotten. Within neoliberal discourse does not ‘help yourselves’ become ‘move yourselves’? New Orleans anyone?

The article by Mel Gregg and I is pretty hard going. If you’re not hip to your Deleuze (‘refrain’) and Negri-isms (‘Empire’) then I am not sure what you’ll get out of it. We introduce and begin to explore what we call refrain of the Right-eous:

“The refrain of the Right-eous is the term we are giving to the territorialising expression of US exceptionalism within Empire’s sovereignty-machine.” (p. 150)