Read it: Cosmic Indifference

Spurious has an excellent (old) post on capitalism and communism here. It outlines and summarises Deleuze and Guattari’s take of capitalism and relationship to Marxist thought through what is called ‘minor communism’.

One point I would add is regarding the definition of axiomatisation given. An axiom is a ‘given’, but one that is produced by capitalistic machinations. See the passage in ATP on ‘common sense’. It is a minor point of crossover with theories of hegemony.

EDIT: Reminding me of one of my more previous efforts conceptualising the well known phrase ‘shit happens’, Spurious uses the phrase ‘cosmic indifference’ in a recent post:

You think, and the world thinks itself. You think, and it is the world that thinks, and you are a fold of the world. You are free, but that freedom is the world’s and its freedom to unfold its freedom in what you take to be your own. The world thinks – but is this not, once again, an anthropomorphism? Unless thought asks to be freed from an anthropocentric perspective; unless it is a question of returning thought to the cosmos, of a cosmomorphism that would allow thought to think itself in you even as it holds itself back so you never seize upon the ground of thinking.

Thought abandoned. Cosmic indifference.

Damn, some of us think alike sometimes…