3 replies on “Car Culture at Stanford”

  1. Shannon, this is exactly one part of academia that one does not receive classes on. I would not have the slighest idea how to go about this. I can imagine the list of readings for the unit. I can imagine the content of lectures (this bit is easy cause I have already written one and started working on a few others) and basic outline of the unit. The institutional dimension of it is more than problematic!?!? I don’t even know who I would speak to about organising it? Any tips?

  2. i guess it’s a matter of familiarising yrself with the existing subjects/courses that are out there and how it might fit in. then doing the requisite networking to make it happen. cs isn’t really my scene, so i can’t be of direct help, but i’m sure you have an idea of whom you might talk with at different institutions. and it’s the sort of thing that conference schmoozing is for, no?

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