Eventalization of Everything

For an excellent example and explication of Foucault’s methodological conception of ‘eventalization‘ see “Anger Be Now Thy Song: The Anthropology of an Event” by Steven C. Caton. Caton is an Anthropology Prof at Havard.

It is totally cool that he writes such excellent papers with main titles that could be shared with a late-1980s heavy metal bands. Awesome. But seriously his paper is an excellent example of the problem of scale derived from Deleuze I keep on harping on about (that “every wound is a product of society and every war a personal event” relating to ‘singularities’).

I am going to do, or, rather, I am doing (right now) a similar thing with Street Machining and Modified-Car Culture (and Automobility, Cultural Studies, Subcultural Theory, Panel Vanning, and the Hoon Moral Panics). Eventalization of everything…