Two Articles

At M/C Journal I have a piece titled The Getaway in the Affect issue (edited by Mel Gregg) and it is on ‘speed’ and the transmission of affects in the Getaway in Stockholm series of films.

At Philament I have a piece titled The XXX Test in the XXX theme issue and it is on the failure of the Pontiac GTO (aka Holden Monaro) in the US. I compare the new GTO to the old GTO through some of Rob Cohen’s films and motorsport.

Some of the thinking in The Getaway article will bein my second chapter in the “Doing Nothing” section where I talk about the potentialisation of the street. While most of The XXX Test will appear in my fifth chapter “The Rise of the Imports”. Both articles in different ways raise my idea of an automotive cultural economy.

I need to check out the rest of the issues. Mel Gregg’s comments on Donnie Darko are good.