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Myke Bartlett‘s How to Disappear Completely: The Terrible Business and Salmon and Dusk is available as a podcast.

I know Myke from Perth. Oddly I knew his younger brother first as he went out with a friend of an ex-g/f of mine, then I knew him because he was friends from uni with another ex-g/f of mine. Crazy. Check out his book, it can be downloaded and played on your mp3 player. He has a mild British accent that makes listening lovely and he lives in Melbourne having just finished a post-grad dip-ed (I believe?). Plus he is devilishly handsome and all that jazz… 😉

The spoken-word text is real prose, not the wannabe-movie-script of the star-struck deluded. There are passages where Myke seems to write purely in quotes from a text that not yet exists, but is brought into being as you listen. This includes some astonishing turns of phrase that I think would force you to re-read lines if it was text-based. Have you ever found that? Like when reading, you come across a line that is so remarkable that you have to quickly read it again as if the delight might be frightened from the page or as if it was the text-based reincarnation of a multi-striped hard-boiled lollie that changed its taste mid-lick across your tongue. Myke’s prose is something like that, and I think you can tell he has fun playing with descriptions, perhaps it is the joy you can hear? Anyway, it begs to be listened to again (even when listening to it ‘again’).

Hmm, also, for all the scholars doing tech-based research this might be an interesting case of old (‘writing’) and new (blogs, podcasts, etc) coming together.