Summernats 19

Just got back from Canberra and Summernats 19. A few very interesting things cropped up for my dissertation research. The main thing was the focus on Chic Henry and Summernats being only 19 years old. “Wait!” I hear you exclaim. “Didn’t Chic take over what was called the Street Machine Nationals in 1986-ish only to […]

The Elderly and Memory

Matthew over at Esoteric Rabbit discusses some of the hassles he and his family have found with his nan and her ‘lost’ purse. While I was home over xmas my family was quite distressed about my Nan’s impending move. They were about to begin the process of moving rooms in her retirement complex to a […]


The best thing about going back to my family’s home over Christmas, besides seeing my family of course, is that it forced me to interact with relatively normal people for a while. None of the people I interacted with would know who Deleuze was and most barely knew what the hell I was writing about […]