Second Degree Burns

I’m melting. Oh, I’m melting…

I gave myself second degree sun burns from my trip to Summernats. My face is currently shedding its skin. It was quite painful a few days ago, with all the weepiness and skin that looked like I had been in water for too long. Now it doesn’t hurt so much and I have stopped taking panadol.

The only real problem is I need to be on the look out for big flakes of dry skin falling off my face just as go to take a swig of coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, you see, and I am getting annoyed with having to fish out bits of my face. Makes me think of my 101 yo nan as she has weird growths, albeit multicoloured ones, and I bet she has skin falling off everywhere.

One of the best scenes from a horror movie is in Braindead when the lead character’s mum becomes zombified and one of her ears falls into the soup she is eating. She then proceeds to eat her ear. That is not as cool as my face falling off, because I didn’t realise it was happening until I retched up something leathery from the back of my throat after a mouthful of coffee.

Plus I haven’t gone outside for a while, not even to the gym. I don’t want people thinking they are living near Freddy Krueger. Except to buy cereal for eating and milk for my coffee.