I had not mentioned it before cause I didn’t want to jinx anything but I have just received (via courier) an entire Street Machine Magazine and Supercar Magazine collection bought on eBay. I have nearly every single Street Machine Magazine of the 1980s and almost all the Supercar Magazines, too. Supercar was a competitor to Street Machine, and it was written in a different ‘reportage’ style of writing compared to Street Machine’s ‘machinic’ style.

The collection includes the very first Street Machine magazine. It has a little Street Machine masthead underneath the Van Wheels masthead and features the V12 Jag powered Holden panel van, Alley Cat, on the cover. this magazine alone often goes for over $100 on eBay. The copy I have is excellent quality!!

You can see it here in an official Street Machine magazine binder (3 of which came with the collection). How about those ciggie ads? There is a ‘fold out’ Camel ad in one of them. So wrong…

I paid $310 for the whole lot (which includes $80 courier from Victoria, magazines are heavy! also it is another reason why I am super poor this fortnight!), which is about 70 magazines. I have many of the earlier ones already, so I am going to keep the best kept versions of issues I have multiple copies of and sell the rest back on eBay. Some of the individual magazines I paid $15-20 to buy. To collectors they have certain values, but for me writing my dissertation some of the articles in these magazines were priceless, so I’d pay anything to win the eBay auctions. Now I think I may start up my own online eBay store!

I am now waiting on my scanner/printer and I shall put up some covers and images onto flickr. It is mostly classic 1980s stuff.


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  1. Hi Glen,

    Im noticed you have a copy of the merge Van Wheels/SM Mag with Alley Cat on the front. Was wondering if you knew anything else about her? and where she ended up? My father in law did the rebuild on her and we were wondering where she went?

  2. I am trying to get my hands on the first two issues of Van Wheels Street Machine. It would be great if you had any ideas where I might be able to find them.

  3. I am chasing the very first edition of Van Wheels Street Machine. It sounds like you may have an extra one. If this is the case would you be interested in parting with one.

  4. G`day Glen. Just an enquirey i hope you could help me with. I was told streetmachine featured an FC Holden with the rego BADFC. Would you be able to tell me which edition it is in. I was told it was on the front cover. I have recently finished rebuilding this vehicle and chasing past history on it. Thanks David.

  5. David, what era roughly is it from? ie late 1980s, early 1990s, mid 1990s, late 1990s, etc.

    I checked my database of the first four years of SM and couldn’t find it. The database was to help me figure out which issues of magazines I didn’t have (from a dozen titles). Unfortunately I bought a complete collection of SM so stopped the labour intensive task of inputing SM into the database. I will eventually finish it off one day!

  6. I am in the process of sorting out my car magazine collection and was wanting a little advice on the best way to sell them.

    I have almost 2000, mostly street machine, custom vans and trucks, custom rodder, street and custom. Any advice anyone could give me would be great.


  7. Best way to maximise return is to sell each one individually on ebay. This will take much more time than trying to sell them all at once but the return could potentially be at least 4 times as much.

  8. Thanks for the advice, it is not about how much, more so getting rid of them, I have the very first van wheels magazine as well, maybe sell them on another auction, apart from that the rest can go for $500.00.

  9. Hi Glen, i had a car featured in the mid 80’s in street maching under the title “Pheonix Rising” it was 66 Dodge pheonix, also a bit on my business at the time..thinks it was may/april 85…Any chance you have that article…Havnt been able to track it down so far…Cheers mate..Ray

  10. hey rayman, I have april-may 1985 and there isn’t a Dodge Pheonix in it. I’ve looked from 1982 through to 1986 and there isn’t any Dodge Pheonix with Pheonix Rising. Although I only checked the contents pages so if it was called something else in the contents I may have missed it. Do you hae any more info about the issue? What was on the cover?

  11. It was so long ago that i cant remember the was a 2 page spread…and that def was the heading…dont think it was later then that..could be wrong tho..i appreciate you looking tho….:)

  12. We are looking for Van Wheels numbers 2,4 or 9 the edition with the supertruck holden ute from the movie Chain Reaction. Any condition will be fine.

  13. Wow, you have a veritable mine of info in these great old mags!
    I have been searching for info on 2 vans that were knockouts when i was but a lad.
    I would seriously like to build a van up as a nostalgic tribute to one of them.
    They were Holden HJ/X/Z vans \
    Both Yellow with killer murals.
    One was called “Mellow Yellow” and the other “Shady Lady”
    I know they are pictured in Van Wheels cos i used to buy every issue.
    Is there any chance of having a look through for me to see if you could identify the issue/s that they appear in?
    I wcould then try and buy those mags to give me a reference for my build.
    My email Is
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.Cheers

  14. hi glen im looking for a street machine mag from about 87’to91′ jan-feb maybe? a friend of mine was in a picture with his brother and father standing on northbourne ave in canberra watching the super cruize from summernats that year i thought it would be nice to find the pic for him because his dad died a few years later if you knew of anyway i can look at the mags or somehow find this pic would be greatly appreciated thanks

  15. An interesting read. I have a collection of almost all the Street Machine mags and Van Wheels. I admit I’m not as into the scene as much as I used to be but reading all your comments has brought back alot of memories and re-kindle my interest. I’d love to know what the early magaines are worth. Cheers.

  16. hi does anyone have a copy of Van Wheels with pics of a Ford XE panel van called Sheer Heart Attack? i would be interested in buying it if available. Cheers.

  17. Hey, i was just wondering if anyone knows about any articles in Street Machine (or any other magazine) in the 80’s on a 1969 HT Holden Panel Van called ‘Midnight Express’, it featured in multiple magazines back in its day and won over 100 awards. My Dad owned the company that did its rebuild and body/art work and i’ve been looking hard for a copy on anything on this piece. If anyone could let me know issue and volume numbers that would be great!

  18. hi glenn i have1974customvans&truck 1974what would i ask for it if i sold it i also have36 magazaine&street machine,street cars .wheels,budeget build up as i am not on ebay all up about 76 magazines i will look for the magazinesthat other people want tthank you marieomorrow

  19. Hi Glenn, I am after more information about a car that appeared in Supercars on page 33 in some issue in the mid? 80s. It was in an article about SVO – a panel shop in Kilsythe Vic. Car of interest is a 4 door Humber Snipe being converted to a tudor convertible. Any chance of indentifyingthe issue and getting more information? I only have a photocopy of that page – it looks like it continued from previous page(s). Thanks.

  20. Hi Glenn. In you wonderful collection, would you have any articles known on the ute hatch / fastback as fitted to the Holden WB and HZ range, also fitted the HQ HJ HX utes.
    It was called a Xatal canopy made by Vickers Xatal. If you send me a email addy, i can send pictures of what they are. i do beleive thier was a page in a edition of Custom Vans & trucks around 1984. Holden displayed this canopy at the 1985 Sydney Motor show. Cheers Magnum.

  21. Hi there guys i came across your article when i was searching on how to sell some old magazines that i inherited from a family friend of mine.
    i have majority of the street machine magazines dating from aug,sept 1984 to the early 90s. i havent put anything up on ebay yet as i dont know how and have never sold anything on their before but if any of you could drop me an offer on here it would make my life alot easier as opposed to selling individual issues. i have over 60 resellable issues in medium-mint condition (yes still including the old winfield and peter jackson adds).i also have some discontinued australian magazines that were once on shelf during that time such as super street magazine, book of custom street cars and australian street rodding by graffiti. Some favourite issues of street machine that i have include best of street machine 1987, march 88 top ten australian street cars, aug 88 blo 2 bak twin engined ute,ray bannermans cusso in aug-sept 1984 and the first ever summernats.
    I do not have the patience to sell everything individually looking to get rid of the lot, i can also include pictures if you like so you can get an idea of what condition they are in.
    note this is not a scam i really do have these issues and looking to get rid of them,
    if anybody is interested, drop me an offer at

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