death by plastic bag

Warning images scanned from a zip-loc plastic bag.

No matter how much you want to retain their freshness, remember not to put your babies in zip-loc bags.

It is interesting that the face in the first picture above is in front of the diagonal bar, while the representation of the baby is behind it. It is evident that the designers of the warning images had to capture the detail of the choking mouth in such a way that was not obscured by the diagonal bar. However, it is unclear if it is suicide or murder (or some sort of sexualised Michael Hutchence variation), and thus unclear whether or not the hand at the throat is holding the plastic bag down over the person’s own head, or if a clutch at the throat is a reflex action of someone choking and in fact there is another agent, not represented in this image, who is holding the bag down over the choking person’s head.

The baby is far too stationary. Is it in the fetal position or crawling around? Clearly, as the hands of the baby have not gone to its throat, we can assume that the reflex throat clutch is actually an aquired habit. How does one acquire the habit of clutching one’s throat in those moments in which one is being suffocated by a plastic bag? Does one need to practice to get the reflex action just right?

How would the warning image designers know what someone looks like when they are being suffocated by a plastic bag?

3 replies on “death by plastic bag”

  1. Perhaps, instead of clutching the throat, using two hands to remove the plastic bag may be the best option…

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