RIP Bike: Stack

Had a stack on my bike today. Actually it wasn’t so much a stack as a technological malfunction. The crank snapped at the point where the pedal is screwed in.

It was a relatively low speed stack as I had just gone around a corner, but I was powering up and therefore had my full weight on the pedal as the crank snapped. I was also on my way to the gym for the day, which meant I was dressed in gym clothes, ie shorts and a singlet. Yes, this meant a skidded along the road on my bare arm and shoulder. Again, I am lucky it was a relatively low speed accident, otherwise I would’ve been severely injured. Here is a shot of some of the damage to my arm. I am glad I was wearing my helmet.

I have already returned the bike. It was a piece of shit. The young woman behind the counter was a bit shocked by weeping wounds. My wounds were being self-righteous for me. I was being very patient. I didn’t want any more hassles; I just wanted to get rid of the bloody thing.

Clif has told me that he has an old mountain bike I can have, but it needs new tyres and stuff. I guess I’ll use the money I got back from the other bike on stuff to fix up the ‘second handy’.

I’ll miss having my bike in the mean time; I was enjoying it!

EDIT: 30/03/06

So I was having some problems keeping crap out of my wound. At the gym it was problematic getting sweaty and stuff. I was down at the shops and there was a promo woman there. She was hawking Elastoplast brand bandaids and stuff. I just happened to be wearing a short sleave top, so I was like, “Hey, what can I do with this?” And I thrust my fucked-up arm in front of her. She wasn’t expecting to be giving actual medical advice. I figured this out as she tried to go into a song and dance about the respective benefits of each product (she had a range). I was like, “Hey, I just need to fix my fucked-up arm.” She ran off to find the biggest stick-on bandage thing, like the kind you got when you were little and had a skinned knee. I was like, “Hey, that shit isn’t going to be big enough, look how fucked-up my arm is.” It is fucked up. So I spied this spray on bandage thing, I was like, “Hey, I’ll take that one.” And off I went pushing my trolley investigating the 57 cent off fruit juice.

Little did I know however that this shit is actually a derivative of superglue

It stung.


Anyway, it is weird to think that I have superglued myself back together.