I was on the incline bench press yesterday and my left shoulder popped out on the last rep of my last set. It is a weird feeling to look down at part of your body and see a concave deformation where there shouldn’t be one. I dropped the bar, as you would expect, and signalled to a fellow gym patron that I would appreciate it if he would, “Get one of the dudes, my shoulder’s popped out.” He got one of the dudes. There wasn’t much he could do, so I slid my legs around and pushed myself up with my good arm. (I was on the incline bench you would normally use to do sit-ups but at the squat/press frame doing incline bench presses.) As I slid up and my back was near vertical I could feel the joint moving back into place. It slid back in by itself.

The feeling of it sliding back into place was a very weird feeling. It was not so much pain, like your body is telling you something is wrong, even though it hurt like hell; no, this feeling was beyond mere get-you-hand-out-of-the-fire information. It was like my body was a parent who had stayed up late to make sure a wild teenage son or daughter made it home alright. My shoulder made it back home, into place, and like a worried parent, the rest of my body let out this internal or inaudible sigh of relief.

So now I am on the drugs. Mad drugs. Yeah.

I am going back to the gym tomorrow, just to do some cycling or something. I need to do something to stay relatively fit otherwise I’ll lose it.