I’m Excited

I have scanned the Gomart and Hennion piece on what they call the ‘sociology of attachment’ but which also discusses ‘event-network theory’. It is a hard and fast ‘event’ theory influenced by Foucault and Actor Network Theory, but different to Deleuze’s hard-to-explain ‘singular’ conception and Foucault’s ‘historical periodization’ conception of events.

I am pushing for an event-based Cultural Studies so if anyone wants the article email me or leave your email in the comments below and I will email it. I have got the PDF down to about 5mb I apologise if this is too big for your mail server. (I tried turning it into a torrent, but I’ll be buggered if I know how to do it.)

Lastly, a poster I bought of the shortlived Big Kev V8 Supercar racing motorport team. Big Kev was a ‘larger than life’ entrepreneur who died last year from a heart attack. His sponsorship of a V8 Supercar team provides a unique affective congruence. His tagline “I’m Excited” dovetails very nicely into the mode of coverage for motorsport which is organised around the ‘action’. Racing is represented as much as the ‘action’ as event is captured and transmitted into the home or where ever. Big Kev produced ‘action’.