Commissioning Process

Tasks, Completed Date, Links/Help

  • Change theme, 30 July, Slate 1.0 by Dan Cameron
  • Change header image, 30 July, modified image: “Event Mechanics” by Glen Fuller
  • Change CHMOD permission through filezilla (so code can be edited in wordpress, not through cpanel), 31 July (link)
  • Change footer information for image details, 31 July
  • Address title and header image problem on w/s LCD monitors, see below image:


  • Insert bloglines blogroll, 31 July
  • Create pages: About, Writing, CV, 2 August
  • Fix code
  • Transfer old blog, create categories, and clean up database, 30% 31 July, 100% 2 August
  • Decommission old blog, began 2 August

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