Working Stiff

So I am earning a wage again, in anticipation of the mid-August cessation of my stipend (scholarship). I worked up until the day I left for Sydney in my last job, but in some respects it is weird working like this again after 3 1/2 years of PhD life. Everything is relatively simple and straightforward. There is very little agonistic to-ing and fro-ing. I do my job and then go home. It certainly helps me organise my time better. The only problem is that the current job is not enough to live off. I will have to find another job when the univeristy money finally does stop. Until then I am saving like crazy. In fact, in a relative paradox this is the first time I have had ‘savings’ in about 7 years, ie I actually have money, while I am anticipating a rough couple of weeks/months until I find some part time work somewhere.

The job I have now is pretty awesome for the hours/pay. As some of you know (as I have already seen you there!!!) it is working as part of the event staff at Gleebooks (thanks to Kirsten for the tip off about work;). It means that in the two weeks or so I have been working there I have already seen and heard some very interesting talks and discussions.

By far the biggest event so far was Carmen Lawrence’s book Fear and Politics. (How do the staff measure events? 240+ wine glasses.) I have bought the book as a present for someone (and got it signed;), so I have been reading it, and it is quite straightforward. The arguments (so far) contained in the book would be familiar to most cultstuds types who have been keeping up with Massumi’s work and other bits and pieces around the place. The book is based on some lectures Lawrence gave last year (see Gary’s post). I will post some further info when I have finished the book.

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  1. Coincidence… my scholarship runs out mid-August as well, and today I was on the phone with my supervisor organising an insane teaching schedule for this coming semester.

    Reading Ms Tartan‘s plans for the coming semester, seems scary amounts of teaching are the order of the day for end-days phd people…

    …though I envy your bookshop score. I have a few shifts a month DJing which is nearly as fun, but not nearly so lucrative.

  2. yeah, it is pretty crazy. I will be selling a car or two I think. Bye bye cars… Oh, and some of my excess magazine collection/archive, which depending the way the wind blows on eBay could be quite good.

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