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I still have to come to terms with the non-direct link between my blog’s blogroll and my bloglines feed reader. Whenever I come across someone interesting or one of my old feeds has changed address and the like, I update my bloglines straight away. However, I have to get used to updating it on here. Hopefully writing this note to myself will serve as a trigger to rimind myself whenever I play with the blogroll.

A new addition is Adam Muir at he is a PhD at Griffith Uni. He recently changed blogs. His most recent post on his new blog is an interesting reflection on the interpersonal politics of participation by postgrads and ECRs in academia.

That good old piece of advice from public speaking about thinking of your audience as being naked can be transported into academia. Except for an important caveat, and that is a lot of the academics (and postgrads) I have met carrying on as if they would like you to think of them as naked. Or, should I say, at least like someone else to think of them as naked. Especially at conference dinners/drinks. This reverses the reassuring, nerves-attenuating advantage of such ‘imagineering’. You know, sexy cultstuds and all that… Maybe it is just the people I mix with. Or my infantile prejudices. Or adult prejudices. Or sense of humour. Or bad taste. I am not sure.

Or you could just wear black, a leather jacket, and act as if you want to live in New York.

Or bring out some class hatred, or in its milder form as disdain, towards people who wear black, leather jackets, and act as if they already are in New York. Bourgies! That goes down a treat.

But, seriously, something on this issue is going to have to be on the postgrad wiki. 

The CSAA exec meeting is tomorrow. So hopefully the wiki shall be getting up very soon.

2 replies on “New Addition to Blogroll”

  1. You know you can get some javascript action out of bloglines that updates your blogroll automagically? Click the “share” tab on the reading pane of bloglines.

    Or you can export from bloglines to OMPL and then import that to wordpress.

    And then you can add a bookmark widget to Firefox (which I sincerely hope you use) which can add new blogs to the blogroll stored in wordpress.

    I’m glad I’m not wearing my leather jacket today! (I protest that it was necessary against the cold in Canberra!)

  2. i’m in new york and wearing black (but no leather apart from shoes) right now – but i don’t want to live here! i could live in san francisco tho…

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