2 replies on “Postgrad wiki is up”

  1. I’d be interested in reading more about this as it comes along…

    (btw, I’m having trouble reading some of the grey headers on your site on some monitors).

    It might be an interesting topic to do a paper on at the conference in Canberra – postgraduate online networking?

  2. In terms of the wiki I just fired off an email that should hopefully result with acquisition of the domain name and server space. let you know when it is \’live\’!

    oh, and the postgrad networking thing would be interesting. should I try to organise a panel? i probably could in my capacity as postgrad rep!!?!! or at least ask Paul if it would be possible.  

    although this is the sort of thing that would be really good for the wiki, a page on \’online networking\’ and the different ways of exchanging ideas and having stoushes and flame wars, etc. Actually, \’networking\’ will probably be a disambiguation page as there is \’corporeal networking\’ (which sounds very seedy), ie conference mixers, seminars, or whatever.

    I think the sessional teaching labour database is probably overdue, this could run from a blog engine such as wordpress as it is easier top make searchable with the \’coding\’ function of tags. I haven\’t figured out if this is possible in the same way with the wiki engine.

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